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Grow brand awareness, engage with existing & potential customers, and build trust with a social media strategy with Splashee Media Marketing experts in social media marketing and advertising.

Social media is a general term to describe a huge variety of online channels that enable users to create and share content and participate in conversations in public and private communities. There are literally hundreds of social media channels to choose from and, as a social media agency. Splashee Media Marketing uses some of the world’s most popular and prolific social platforms including FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.

Social Media process


Primarily, we research your digital footprint on social media and that of your competitors in order to assess the scope and scale of the campaign required in order to achieve the desired results.


Secondarily,the Social Media strategy is devised based on the business objectives, buyer personas, KPIs (measurements of success) and brand requirements.


Third,in conjunction with your SEO strategy (if you have one), diary of events, seasonal and brand requirements we a content calendar which ensures we know what to talk about and when on your social channels. This also helps us to prepare content in advance (where possible) for your scheduled posts.

Campaign management

Fourth,the Campaigns can either be fully or partially managed, and often have a paid advertising aspect. We’ll strive to increase your audience, engagement and reach in order to deliver inbound leads or sales whilst increasing your brand awareness.

Measure and evaluate

The fifth stage, the Campaign metrics are measured on a daily basis and evaluated for effectiveness. Campaigns are tweaked when necessary to ensure overall objectives are being met.


And for the last,we provide every month a comprehensive report on the campaign, highlighting where things are going well and where they can be improved. This ensures there is total transparency in reporting and our clients are always fully aware of their social media effectiveness.

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